Primary markets:

Home storage and emergency power supplies

e.g. for photovoltaic systems etc.

Leisure vehicles

e.g. fast pedelecs, e-scooter etc.

Home and craft applications

e.g. lawn mower, hedge clippers, vacuum cleaner, power tools…

Professional applications

e.g. floor cleaning machines, communal vehicles, equipment for rescue services, fleet and rent vehicles, medical and military applications

Today a standalone battery system is developed for each application in these markets. It must be approved, certified and the supply of spare parts must also be organized. You can integrate EnergyTube into new and old Applications with wide variety of requirements. EnergyTube is scalable, exchangeable, reliable, secure, and intelligent networking. Because the battery module must not be developed new at every time an unprecedented level of depth of development can be achieved what makes the battery system: safe, robust, affordable, reliable, durable, beautiful, compact, intelligent, flexible and user friendly. It covers therefore a tremendous need for our increasingly mobile society.

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Reasonable modularisation for building organic network structures

Communication as a basis for system intelligence

Mechanical/physical design

Every EnergyTube is based on standardized form factor.

  • Diameter at connector:
    ca. 59mm

  • Diameter:
    ca. 57mm

  • Height of an EnergyTube:
    ca. 180mm

  • Mating dimension:
    ca. 174mm

  • Weight:
    ca. 700g

Technology description

The balanced combination of the properties below represents an optimum basis for modular scalability in a wide variety of applications and areas of application.

Cylindrical design (59 x 180mm)

Big surface

Flat conductive magnetic plug system (up to 50A)

Passive thermal management

Electrical parallelized arrangement

Network voltage is independent of application voltage

Small, compact Units (ca. 700g)

Turret-like cell arrangement

Wireless structure

Capacity below 100Wh

Network voltage below 60V